Three site options were fully considered after consulting with various community groups

  • Jaycee Park
  • South Road (encompassing the Community Centre & Te Runanga o Te Rarawa site)
  • Redan Road – corner of Commerce Street (encompassing the car park and FNDC Service Centre site)

Jaycee Park was rejected early, given the community’s response to the importance of maintaining the open green space.

Redan Road / Commerce Street site had some appeal but presented some significant issues, particularly around flooding and the limited scope to increase the facility footprint to allow for future growth.

South Road was the site most preferred as it allowed for future expansion and it quickly became apparent that a vision to create a single recreational, educational and cultural hub could be realised at that location. Also, it would develop the south end of town.


The total cost of the project, including landscaping, is estimated to be around $15m.

Current funders include the ASB Community Trust, Lottery Community Facilites Fund, Kaitaia Community Forest Trust, Juken NZ Ltd and the Far North District Council.

Other potential funders are in the process of being approached.

The 2009/2019 Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) provides for a total Council funding contribution of up to $8.2m in 2009-2011 to the Te Ahu development.